How to start an onlyfans (2024 Guide)

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So you want to start an only fans but what is it?

OnlyFans is a social media platform new and established content creators have the opportunity to monetize their content by offering exclusive access to their subscribers for a fee. The majority of the content shared on OnlyFans is adult material such as nude/provocative photos, videos, and live streams, although creators can also share non-adult content.

Only fans users have the option to subscribe to their favourite creator’s profile. Subscriptions are usually paid however can sometimes be free depending on the price set by the creator. In exchange for their monthly subscription, they gain exclusive access to the creator’s content that might not be suitable for other social media platforms like Instagram and Tiktok. Only Fans offers content creators the chance to make money online however OnlyFans does take a 20% fee of all revenue made on the platform.

Only Fans is a platform that continues to grow year on year. Currently, the platform has over 190 million active users and just over 2 million content creators. It’s safe to say starting an Only Fans has the potential to be very lucrative.   

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Before you sign up here's what you need to know - OnlyFans Signup Requirements

Before explaining how to start an OnlyFans it’s important to cover everything you need in order to sign up to the platform. You need to meet the following requirements:

  • Age: You must be at least 18 years old to create an account on OnlyFans. A valid government issued indetification (ID) will need to be provided to Onlyfans to prove your age.
  • Personal Info: You need to provide Only Fnas with personal information such as your full name, date of birth, and address. For payment you will also need to provide your  Bank Account details. Only fans pays its creators through direct deposit or payment card.
  • Content: Yes OnlyFans is a platform known for its adult-oriented content, however, you will still need to follow their content guidelines and comply with their terms of service.

Once you have met these requirements, you can sign up as on OnlyFans easily, start creating content and begin earning income.

Starting Your Only Fans step by step

Create your account

To create your only fans account head over to and click “sign up” Signing up is easy and doesnt cost anything. You have the options to sign up with your Google account, Microsoft account, twitter account or just your general email.

Choose Your Niche And look At Other Successful Only Fans Creators

Choosing your niche will help you create the best only fans account and will help you with content creation. Many say the ‘riches are in the niches’ the good news is there are no shortage of niches to choose from. Some popular niche only fans accounts include trendy niches on the adult platform right now are:

  • Cosplay
  • Couple
  • Gamer
  • Amateur
  • Feet
  • No face

If you are struggling to decide your niche a good idea would be to look at some other popular Only Fans creators you resonate with. Remember your niche will likely determine how explicit your content will need to be so it’s important to choose a niche you are comfortable with. Your chosen niche may also influence the audience you attract and their personalities. Our top tip would be to choose a niche you are comfortable with and one you have a personal interest in, this way you are more likely to stick at creating content while enjoying it.

Setting Up Your OnlyFans Profile

Setting up a winning Only Fans profile is pretty simple. Having a well-structured and complete Only Fans profile helps you to catch the attention of as many potential Only Fans subscribers as possible. Here’s our best advice on how to create the best profile possible.

Choose your Username and Display name

You’ve probably seen the random username Only Fans automatically creates for you. This isn’t going to cut it so go ahead and manually change it to something more suitable. Keep it simple. Your username could be your name or niche specific like “cutegamergirlchloe” for example. There’s also nothing stopping you from setting up an account with a fake name or alias if you want to start a faceless/secret Only Fans. Remember, your username will act as the URL of your Only Fans account, for example; OnlyFans assigns you a random username when you sign up. You’ll have to change this yourself manually to something more suitable for your business. Your username acts as the URL of your profile. For example 

Make sure you pick a username you’re confident with as you cannot change this at a later stage. Your display name is also visible to your subscribers.

Add your profile and banner image

Your profile and banner image should be strong teasers. Don’t go fully explicit here, the last thing you want to do is give your fans what they want before they subscribe to you. Having an effective profile and banner image will help boost subscription conversions.

Your banner image is in a landscape format. Don’t be lazy here, make sure to take a fresh picture that’s optimised for a landscape format.

Write your bio description

Your bio description is another powerful conversion tool so don’t neglect it. We recommend injecting a bit of personality here and continuing to tease the people coming to your only fans page. In your bio, you have the ability to show you are fun, cheeky and approachable. Telling your visitors what to expect on your only fans and what you offer is a great way to set yourself apart from other Only Fans creators.

Set your subscription price

Setting your subscription price is a very important step to creating the best Only Fans profile possible. You can have the option to create a free page or a paid subscription page up to $49.99.


A free page allows visitors to subscribe and see all of your content without any upfront payment. You do have the opportunity to monetize these subscribers with exclusive content hidden behind a Pay-per-view (PPV) paywall. You can also DM your subscribers with exclusive PPV offers and tip requests.

Your other option is to set a subscription price up to $49.99. This means visitors cannot see any of your content until they pay your subscription fee upfront. Like a free page you can continue to monetize your subscribers through DMs, tips and PPV offers.

You now might be wondering what’s best, a free only fans page or a paid one.

Our opinion

As a leading Only Fans Agency we have worked with many Only Fans creators and tested many different subscription offers. We recommend creating a paid page between $3-12. This has worked the best so far as it is an affordable price, this is also a great starting point for new Only Fans creators. Remember you can increase this price later as you gain more subscribers.

Now we are not saying you cannot make really good money with a free page, you can. However, from our experience, free pages often attract an audience that is reluctant to spend money on the platform but of course, this isn’t everyone. Those users looking for free subscriptions also tend to look for as many as possible and are often less loyal to specific creators. If you have a paid Only Fans on the other hand and you get a subscriber, they tend to a real fan and often spend more with you over time.

Bonus Tips to starting your Only Fans Profile

Use Bundles and Discounts

Using bundles and discounts is a great way to convert more subscribers and make more money on the front end. You can play around with discounts to encourage people not to miss out. You can also create bundles to increase subscription length by giving potential subscribers a deal too good to say no to.

Create a strong welcome message

Your welcome message is sent automatically to your new subscribers. A strong welcome message is the first step to building a strong and loyal relationship with your subscribers. Don’t just send a generic text-based message saying “thanks for subscribing” It’s just not effective.


Instead, we recommend sending a welcome video message, it should show your face, thank them and show them that it means a lot to you. We also recommend asking a question like “ tell me your name and where you are from, it would be nice to get to know you better”. This is the perfect opportunity to spark a conversation straight away. By developing these deeper relationships you will generate more long term revenue from your subscribers. Remember you can attach a PPV to your welcome message however, we prefer the soft relationship-building approach first. It just seems so much more genuine to your subscribers.

Hide your follower count

So you might be asking yourself why should I hide my followers? Now, remember, we have put this guide together for new Only Fans creators who likely have no followers. Social proof and trust are still important conversion elements even on Only Fans. Think about when you buy something online, you most likely check for reviews, the higher the number of reviews the more secure you feel about making the purchase. It’s the same with Only Fans followers. If you don’t have followers, potential subscribers might think you’re inactive, flakey or your content just isn’t that good.

You can hide your followers by going into your settings and turning off “Show fans count on your profile”. Of course, you can turn this back on when you have built a solid number of fans using our growth methods in a few months.

Restricting countries

A common worry for new creators starting their only fans is that they don’t want their friends and family to find out. Sure you can start an only fans in secret, or you can just simply restrict the country you are from to prevent being found however, if you live in a tier one country like the US or the UK you could potentially lose out on a lot of traffic and money. We really recommend against doing however, the choice is yours.

Start Creating Content

Congratulations you have now started your Onlyfans profile, now the real fun and important work begins. The best performing Onlyfans creators are those who create and publish new content consistently. To help stay consistent we recommend creating a “posting schedule” that you can stick to. Content creation includes pictures, videos and written content. This content should be used for both your only fans page and your socials.

Creating content for your Only fans Page

It’s always important to create high-quality content for your Only Fans Page. You can come up with content ideas by connecting with and exploring other content creators in your niche. You should post content you think your audience will like and content you feel comfortable with. We recommend experimenting with other ideas and keeping your content fresh too. Have fun with it but be strategic.

Regardless if you offer a Free or paid subscription your content should make your subscriber feel like they are getting their money’s worth. We recommend cheeky playful content and the odd spicy post however your best and most explicit content should be saved for your PPV content.

Creating Content for Your Socials

A lot of your potential subscribers can be found on social media platforms. Your content for socials can still be Not Safe For Work (NSFW) however should be toned down to avoid going against guidelines and risking your social media accounts getting banned. A great tip here is that you can definitely get away with spicer content on Twitter / X so make sure to not neglect this platform.

For Instagram and Tiktok, guidelines are continuously getting stricter so keep the content more on the playful side and avoid nudity completely. We have found videos are working the best for engagement but we recommend to use a range of different content.

Creating Your Paid PPV Content ($$$)

Your best and often most explicit content should always be reserved for your PPV offers. Your PPV content will generate you the most income from Only Fans not subscriptions (usually).

PPV content is the harder more intimate stuff, the stuff your fans really want to see. Other than just nudity we have seen huge success with our creators who offer “custom requests” this is where subscribers can request specific things like you writing their name on your body or recording a video saying their name. These custom requests are very lucrative however, can get pretty wild so make sure you only fulfil ones you are comfortable with doing. Remember you are in control and can always decline requests.

Publishing Your First Post

Great, you’ve now started your Only Fans journey. It’s now time for your first post. A common mistake we see new Only Fans creators make is using some of their best content as their first post. We recommend not doing this.

For your first post we recommend a suggestive picture of yourself smiling. Treat this as an introduction post. Tell people a little bit about yourself and what they should expect from your new only fans account. Let them know what sort of content you are going to post and some of the other services you offer (custom requests , d*ck rates ect).

Posting Schedule

If you have a posting schedule say once a day (for best results) or twice a week let your subscribers know using your introduction post. Remember consistency and posting volume is pivotal to your success and growth as a Only Fans creator. Our top tip would be to shoot content in batches. Set aside an hour or two to create content all in one go, you can then schedule this content for the rest of the week. This makes consistent posting so much easier!

You don’t really need anything more than a good phone camera, plenty of light a ringlight and a tripod. Feel free to upgrade your equipment when you start making money from Only Fans.

Promoting Your Only Fans

Creating the best Only Fans profile is one thing but promoting your Only Fans is the most important part and something many creators struggle with.

You’ve probably heard the term “build it and they will come” this is absolutely not true. You need to promote your Only Fans content to get paying subscribers. Unlike Tiktok and Instagram Only Fans doesn’t operate an algorithm designed to push your content so promoting and gaining visibility is up to you. Remember we can do this all for you! (Apply here)

There are many ways to promote your content through socials like Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter / X , Reddit and other creative ways like dating apps, cross creator promotion and meme page paid advertising. (We know what we’re doing when it comes to getting you new subscribers, trust me). The better you are at promoting your content the more subscribers you will get and the more money you will make, it really is that simple.

How to start an Only Fans wrapped up

So 2024 is the year you want to start an Only Fans. You’ve heard it’s a fantastic online money making opportunity and you’re right. Not to mention Only Fans is free to start and as online business opportunities go, very low risk with the potential to make life changing income. That being said, creating your only fans is the easy part. Staying consistent with content creation and doing a killer job at promoting yourself is the hard part. However, if you get these things right starting an Only Fans could be one of the best decisions you’ve decided to make this year.

If you are sure Only Fans is right for you and you are ready to work hard our team can fully automate the promotion process for you. Our team will also maximise the revenue coming from your new subscribers giving you the opportunity to make the most money possible.

If you are interested in saving a tonne of time learning how to promote yourself and save countless hours talking to subscribers contact us today to find out how we can help take you from 0-10k + per month.

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